Yoga for Women - Pamper your beautiful body

Every organ in the body is a muscle performing a specific function; be it digestion or secretion of hormones or detoxification of the body. The reproductive organs are muscles that need some form of massage. These exercises do just that. It works your reproductive organs so that they function smoothly and optimally.

CAUTION: Those with heart disease or high blood pressure and pregnant women should avoid Exercise 1. People with severe lower back conditions and stiff knee-joints should do Exercise 2 - 4 with care which will stabilise the breath.


• Sit with your legs stretched out, and your back straight
• Bend one leg; place your ankle on the opposite thigh, close to the groin
• Bend the other leg and place the ankle on the thigh of the bent leg, close to the groin. Place your hands on your knees
• Exhale completely, pull up the genital space and close the anal space. Keep abdominal muscles tight
• Relax the lock and inhale
• Repeat thrice.

• Sit with your legs stretched out, and your back straight
• Place your palms slightly behind you
• Bend one knee and place below your other knee
• Lower your bent knee to the floor as shown
• Look in the opposite direction
• Hold for 10-30 seconds
• Repeat with the other leg.


• Lie flat on your back with arms stretched out and palms down
• Bend one leg, place foot on your other knee
• Gently twisting the spine, drop upright knee towards the floor Keep both your shoulders on the floor and look in the opposite direction
• Hold for 10-30 seconds, breathing normally
• Repeat for the other side.


• Bend your right leg to bring your knee in front of the body and stretch the other behind
• Place your palms in front, place your front heel away from the groin
• Inhale slowly, cup your fingers and stretch your upper body backwards and look at the sky
• Hold for 10-30 seconds. Repeat.

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